The idea of Wheel Potential began more than twenty years ago with a molecule set which morphed into a flow chart then a wheel. It was originally called Belief Model then it was changed to First Step and finally Wheel Potential. The whole process has gone through 28 generational changes in the last twenty plus years. Wheel Potential helps you in the four areas of life: Health, Wealth, Love and Fulfillment.

What do Health, Wealth, Love and Fulfillment have to do with my life…EVERYTHING! Think about like this, when your Health is out of whack does money, love and fulfillment matter? What about Wealth? Do health, love and fulfillment matter? Do you see a pattern? Health, Wealth, Love and Fulfillment are all connected when one improves the other three improve as well. Just in case you are wondering can a person be perfect in all four categories; Absolutely NOT!

Do we live in each category everyday…yup! Can you work on more than one category at a time? Yes, but in limited capacity and your ability to work on more than one would depend on what your Wheel Potential Assessment score is in each category.


Is your financial-wealth, social-wealth, self-wealth and cultural-wealth in order?

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Are you fulfilled in a higher purpose, helping others, helping your community or volunteering?

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