Our Humble Beginning

Giuseppe Del Giudice, BS Psychology-Coach/Mentor

Hello my peep, Giuseppe here inventor of Wheel Potential hand-held wheel, Android and Apple Apps. The idea of Wheel Potential began twenty-five years ago with a molecule set I built which morphed into a flow chart, wheel and apps. It was originally called Belief Model then it was changed to First Step and finally Wheel Potential. The whole process has gone through 42 generational changes in the last twenty-five years.


  • 1990 Belief Model Plastic Molecule Created
  • 2000 Belief Model Three Step Methodology-Thought, Feeling, Action Steps Created
  • 2002 Belief Model Step 4-“Result” Added
  • 2003 Belief Model Step 5-“Feedback” Added
  • 2004 Belief Model 5 Step Flow Chart Created
  • 2004 Belief Model Flow Chart Given To Clients To Study and Learn
  • 2015 First Handheld Wheel Created
  • 2016 Handheld Wheel Redesigned With New User Guide Created
  • 2016 User Guide Copyright
  • 2016 Belief Model Name Change To “First Step”
  • 2017 First Step Wins United States- International Inventor Award
  • 2017 First Step Name Changes To “Wheel Potential”
  • 2017 Wheel Potential Wins 4 Croatia- International Inventor Awards
  • 2018 Wheel Potential Wins 3 Thailand- International Inventor Wards
  • 2019 Wheel Potential Beta-iOS Apple App Release
  • 2020 Wheel Potential Is Awarded a United States Patent
  • 2020 Wheel Potential iOS And Android Apps Are Released
  • 2020 Wheel Potential Has Won Eight International Inventor Awards And A US Patent
  • 2020 You Are Here Reading About Wheel Potential

Why did I build it? Because I want to help people like you communicate their feelings with confidence and poise. By being confident and knowing exactly what feeling you’re in the moment will help you feel better, emotionally. Now, That’s the power of Emotional Intelligence!

I help people transform their emotional intelligence to a whole new level. This is not a “One Size Fits All” process. I have helped people like you handle, Worry, Anxiety, Fear, Threats, Anger, Annoyance, Boredom any many more.

Did you know that the most common mental illness is Anxiety? Do you know which feeling drives anxiety? First of all anxiety is a symptom or effect of the Worry feeling. Which creates behaviors such as: fidgeting, biting nails, trouble sleeping, escape and avoidance, moody, antsy, bounce knees and more. WORRY tries to answer ALL and usually false unknown questions without providing any solutions.

Until now! Wheel Potential

Hope you join our growing family and,

“Become The Force Of Emotional Change!”