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What does this mean to you? Stress and anxiety mean different things to different people. For instance, the degree or intensity of it, how often it occurs, how long before anxiety is triggered and what are the environmental triggers?

What is stress anyway? Well, one way it can be defined is how much emotional weight a current situation impacts you and your viewpoint of the situation. How about anxiety? Anxiety has a few definitions: distress or uneasiness of the mind, intense desire or apprehension.

Think of anxiety like this, if you go too far in the future anxiety increases because there are too many unknowns. You can’t solve to-far-into-the- future problems that don’t exist because then it becomes a prediction without sufficient information! Ask yourself…Based on my current knowledge and wisdom can I solve this problem now? By making mountains out of mole hills your anxiety goes up. Let mole hills remain mole hills.


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The wheel, user guide and certificate of authenticity cards.

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award winning wheel potential

Award Winning First Step**

First Step** won an Excellence Merit Award at the International Inpex Inventors Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. This exciting award came at a complete surprise since the First Step is a process and self-help tool.

There were over 900 domestic and international booths displaying their really cool inventions. I am honored and humbled by this award and thought I would share it with all of you. **First Step name has been re-branded to Wheel Potential.​​

unleash your

Real Potential

How do you unleash your real potential anyway? By getting out of your head and into your life! Easier said than done right? You bet! The alternatives are either stand on the sidelines as a spectator or get busy creating the life you want. You are the creator, sculptor and designer that bring about change so you can get to where you are going!

“Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Life!”


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