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Wheel Potential allows me to embrace, acknowledge and understand negative feelings and find a productive and effective way to positive actions and results.”

​Doug Nahabetian

​​       ​​​​​Try it for yourself.

  • Pick a Thought that kept you up last night or one that is top of        mind
  •  Assign an authentic and honest Feeling to the thought (Use           Wheel Below)
  •  Now what physical movements (Actions) are you taking in             your life right now that are related to your thought and feeling?       See if you can identify 1 or 2. 
  • What is the Result of the actions?
  • Feedback answer:

"I'm Getting Exactly What I'm Getting Based On My Thought,

Feeling And Actions."

After Checking out, click on button at the bottom of the page to access digital user guide. See Example below.

Award Winning First Step**

First Step** won an Excellence Merit Award at the International Inpex Inventors Expo in Pittsburgh, PA. This exciting award came at a complete surprise since the First Step is a process and self-help tool.

There were over 900 domestic and international booths displaying their really cool inventions. I am honored and humbled by this award and thought I would share it with all of you. I'm in the middle with judges Howard Lim on my left and Andrej Skrinjar on my right. **First Step name has been re-branded toWheel Potential.

​      ​          



“I wanted to be happier and have better energy towards my family and friends. Using the First Step model helped me become more self-aware of my emotions, and if necessary adjust my behavior to get an outcome I liked.”
Carlos Gonzalez

" It helped me stay calm and talk rational when I was communicating with family. One of the ways it helped the family member was to communicate using actions, by doing specific tasks that subtly communicated my intentions. Overall my relationship is improving with the family member."
John Miller


Free One Year Wheel Replacement From Date Of Purchase

Wheel Potential Package 1: 

The wheel, digital user guide and certificate of authenticity cards.


Wheel Potential Package 2:

The wheel, hard-copy user guide and certificate of authenticity cards. 

Wheel Potential Package 3:
1 Adult wheel & 1 Child Wheel, hard-copy user guide and certificate of authenticity cards. 



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Here's What some Wheel Potential users are saying:

"Learning to recognize my negative thoughts and then let them go helped me be less anxious and /or angry, and helped me feel more in control of my life."

Dana Laidlaw

"I'm happier today than I was yesterday."
Joey Homsey- Inpex Expo Wheel Potential User


​​WELCOME TO REAL POTENTIAL                  

Taking You Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life


"Since I’ve been utilizing Wheel Potential in my life, I’ve been happier and feel better about the choices I make each day. I see more and realize more things and how they impact my day. I told Giuseppe that I feel like Neo from the Matrix movie series. And I just swallowed the red pill!"

​Kevin Bryant

When using the wheel, I began to notice that some of my emotions weren't matching up. This system is really helping me re-associate my feelings with my logical responses, thus allowing me to respond properly in everyday situations to achieve the desired emotional outcome I want.
Blaine Wells

“I’ve been using the first step for over a year now and it has helped me concentrate more on my studies while I was in college and has helped me get better control of my health and well-being.”

Frank Plonka